September 29, 2019

I just came back from visiting my sister in Denver. While I was out there I had a realization that this is happening, and it’s happening soon. I landed in the San Diego airport with the anticipation of arriving ‘home’. Home, what a weird concept. Maybe it’s just an expression of the familiar? From the San Diego airport I took the shuttle to the train station. Riding along the coast I had an opportunity to see the harbor and cityscape as the morning light poured between the buildings. The train ride from Sante Fe to Oceanside was quiet. I overheard conversations and stared out the window watching the beach cities move past, knowing exactly where I was and what gorgeous views were to come next. Periodically seeing the ocean extend out to the edge of the earth. This was going to be my last return ‘home’ for at least a year. In two weeks everything was going to change. When I arrived to my flat, I found the mint in my window seal soaking in a coffee cup. It had grown enough of a root system to be planted. I found a nice place next to the lime tree.